5 Protein-Rich Ragi Recipes You May Include In Your Weight Loss

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Weight loss is something that requires time and patience. From exercising regularly to following a strict diet regime, there are a lot of adjustments that we have to make in order to shed those extra kilos. Speaking of weight loss diet, a lot of us associate it with all foods bland and boring. Which is why we are unable to be consistent with our weight loss diet or even dread the idea of following one. But if you’re willing to work around with new ingredients, you would realise that weight loss can actually be quite fun. There are plenty of veggies, fruits and grains that can be added to your diet. Ragi is one such grain that is high in protein and fibre and is used extensively in many Indian preparations. Considering this, here have curated a list of 5 ragi recipes that you may include in your weight loss diet. Take a look.

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Is ragi good for weight loss?

Ragi is an excellent addition to your diet if you’re someone is wanting to lose weight. It is rich in fibre and will help you keep full for a longer period of time. It contains the amino acid known as Tryptophan which helps in reducing appetite. Thus ragi makes for a great diet product to include in your meals.

Here Are 5 Protein-Rich Ragi Recipes:

1. Ragi Khichdi (Our Recommendation)

Give a twist to traditional khichdi and make it more winter-appropriate with this ragi khichdi recipe. It is power-packed with protein and is ideal for a wholesome lunch or dinner meal. Click here for the recipe of Ragi Khichdi.

2. Ragi Dosa

Dosa is one of the most loved South Indian breakfast options. This ragi dosa is made with a combination of ragi flour and rice flour. It is not only gluten free but may also help in controlling blood sugar levels. Click here for the recipe of Ragi Dosa.

3. Ragi Rava Dhokla

This ragi rava dhokla is low in salt and contains no sugar. It also contains very little oil and can be a great addition to the diet of anyone watching their weight. The best part is that it can be prepared in just 30 mins. Click here for the recipe of Ragi Rava Dhokla.

5 Protein-Rich Ragi Recipes You May Include In Your Weight Loss

4. Ragi Idli

If you’re looking for ideas to make your breakfast healthy, then this ragi idli recipe is just for you! It tastes best when served with piping hot sambar, coconut chutney and gunpowder. Click here for the recipe of Ragi Idli.

5. Ragi And Oats Uttapam

Traditionally, uttapam is made with rice. As the name suggests, this uttapam is made with ragi and oats. The addition of veggies makes it even more nutritious. Serve with green chutney and enjoy it for breakfast! Click here for the recipe of Ragi and Oats Uttapam.

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Now that you know all these recipes, it’s time for you to add them to your weight loss diet. Do let us know how you liked them in the comments below.

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